What is Polymath Legal?

Polymath means one who is skilled or knowledgeable in many areas.  The name Polymath Legal came both from the founder's curiosity and numerous varied skills, as well as a way to reflect the amazing, diverse clients that we serve


While in law school and working on his own entrepreneurial ventures, Polymath Legal's founder, Nic McGrue, noticed many voids in the legal system.    Specifically, Nic found that many attorneys did not quite “get” entrepreneurs or the business world, and many attorneys viewed clients as paychecks or billable hours instead of partners in a venture.


As an entrepreneur himself, Nic wanted to change this.  Thus, Polymath Legal was born.  A law firm that cares about its clients and seeks build relationships with them and their continued business endeavors.  A law firm that practices law differently by putting Relationships First.


Polymath Legal values its clients and the relationships it builds with them.  It is our goal to help you achieve your goals.


Relationships First.

That’s Polymath.