We’re Different

Polymath Legal is the law firm of Nic McGrue.

While in law school and working on his own entrepreneurial ideas, Nic noticed many voids in the legal system. Lawyer’s were often extremely overpriced which left startup companies with three bad options: A, create a strong legal foundation, but also deplete startup cash by hiring an over-priced attorney; B, go to an online legal document preparer where a non attorney prepares documents and there is no actual counseling or advising from a real attorney; or C, go without the proper legal advice and foundation, hoping that everything goes okay. Even more, Nic found that many attorneys did not quite “get” entrepreneurs or the business world, and many attorneys viewed clients as paychecks or billable hours instead of partners in a venture.  As an entrepreneur himself, Nic wanted to change this. Thus, Polymath Legal was born. A law firm that cares about its clients and seeks to build relationships with them.

Polymath Legal’s clients range from real estate developers to production companies; internet startups, homebuyers, inventors, corporations, creatives, entrepreneurs, web developers, artists, photographers, dreamers and everyone in between.

In a world where the legal community is focused on the billable hour and nickel and diming the client, Polymath is focused, simply on the client. That’s what we mean when we say Relationships First—we want to cultivate, grow, and strengthen our relationship with you as we continue to provide you with quality legal services and advice. As your business, dreams, and endeavors grow, Polymath Legal wants to there providing trusted legal advice at every step of your journey.

Polymath Legal values its clients and the relationships it builds with them. It is our goal to help you achieve your goals.

Relationships First…
That’s Polymath.